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When I first met Annie, she was one of the most easy-going Bride-to-be I had ever met. We met a total of three times before THE BIG DAY and she was more relaxed each time. (What is your secret Annie?!?) I curated something that suits her and her now Husband's simple personalities. Annie had quite the collection of glass containers from the wine that she had shared with Tuan or pasta jars from dinners that she had cooked for him. Each table was dressed with little memories from their relationship and I thought that was just the cutest!

Below is one tablescape that I had put together for the lovely couple. I was so busy working, I didn't snap any other tables (sad face).

I hope you enjoy the simplicity in this arrangement. I'm reminded of this quote, "life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated," by Confucius. I dare you to go out and enjoy the simple things in life. I'm going to call it day and go home and snuggle with my babies!


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