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Sneak Peek and Propagating Tutorial

Sharing with you a sneak peek of a wedding I had the honor of curating the florals for. This is one of my earlier works and I'm so blessed to work with a couple who trusted me and gave me the freedom to create a beautiful succulent garden themed for their wedding. I will share more pictures from their wedding soon.

This is the first time I worked with succulents and I hope it’s not the last. A professional tip, you can propagate the succulents, so they will live on and not go to waste.

There are two ways you can propagate your succulents; one, you can trim the stem and stick it in a clear vase or small container with water. You will slowly see roots growing and when that happens, you can plant them in a pot with soil. Water when you see that the soil is dry. Succulents do not like to be over-watered.

The second way to propagate your succulent is to carefully remove the leaves from your plant. I do this to the ones that are wilting or getting soft. Once the leaves are removed, I place them on a well-drained cactus or succulent soil and remember not to water them at this stage. When you water the leaves before the ends are dried, they will absorb too much moisture and will rot and die.

After a few weeks you will see little pink roots sprouting from the ends of the leaves and baby plants will start to grow. I will give the roots and baby succulents a good soak about once a week or when I notice the soil is dry. Once the baby plant gets bigger, you can carefully remove them and plant them in a pot. Make sure you do not break off their roots.

And there you have it, a great way to repurpose your wedding flowers. You can use them around the house or give them away as presents. Who can say no to these cute plants?

I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial. I didn’t plan on this and I apologize if it was too wordy.

Until next time…

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